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Classic Ludo

A fresh new variant of the popular super ludo game on Gamezy – Classic Ludo! Let us check the details of the classic ludo game here.


What is Classic Ludo?

Classic Ludo is one of the two variants of Super Ludo on the Gamezy app. It is the online version of the traditional Ludo board game but in a 1v1 contest. The rules are very straightforward, use dice to navigate your pawns across the board and into the homespace to win the game. The player who collects the most points, wins the game!

How to Enter a Classic Ludo Match on Gamezy?

Here are a few basic steps on how you can get started to play Ludo on Gamezy:

  1. Once you have downloaded & registered the Gamezy app, click on the Super Ludo tab on the home screen.
  2. Next, click on the Classic Ludo tab.
  3. Select the contest that you prefer & match with a real-time opponent
  4. Start playing Classic Ludo on Gamezy

How to Play Online Classic Ludo?

When you have entered a contest & have matched with an opponent, here is how you can play Ludo on Gamezy:

  1. Click on the Gamezy dice icon on the top-right of the screen to roll the dice.
  2. Next, select your pawn to move forward. You can choose only one pawn at a time.
  3. Navigate your pawns around the board and into your homespace.
  4. Whenever possible, capture the opponent’s pawns.
  5. If you miss three turns, then you automatically lose the game.
  6. When you click on the ‘Points’ button, you will be able to see how many points each pawn has accumulated on the board (except in safe zones).
  7. Get the highest points & win the game to receive exciting cash rewards!

Classic Ludo Points System

On Gamezy, there is a point system allocated to make this game more interesting! By scoring the highest points, you will win the game. Here are the basic rules:

  1. For every tile moved, the player gets +1 point
  2. For every pawn that reaches the finish zone, +56 points are awarded.
  3. When you kill an opponent’s pawn:
    • The player who kills gets +7 points
    • The killed pawn reaches the starting tile and all the points collected by that pawn are lost.

How to Earn Extra Turns on Ludo Classic Game?

Similar to the traditional Ludo board game, players can earn extra points when playing Classic Ludo on Ludo Culture. Here are the three ways how:

  1. Players will have another chance to roll the dice if they roll a 6. But remember: three consecutive 6s will end your turn!
  2. When a player kills an opponent’s pawn, they get another roll of the dice.
  3. Once a player takes their pawn home, they get an extra turn to roll the rice.

Remember, you will need a 6 to start the game and take your pawn out of your homespace.

What is a Safe Zone?

Safe zones are areas marked on the board with a ‘star’. There are a total of 8 marked safe zones in Ludo.

Another interesting twist is that, when there are two pawns of the same color on a tile, this makes it also a temporary safe zone.

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Best Ludo App

Gamezy app is one of the best ludo apps to play with online players and enjoy while earning money. The reasons which makes Gamezy as one of the best ludo apps to play are as:

  • It is easy to sign up and get the highest sign-up bonus
  • Gamezy App is user friendly with fast loading times
  • Players are available 24/7 to play against
  • The Players can get high cash rewards, referral bonuses and add cash offers

How to Download the Gamezy Ludo App?

Follow the below steps to download the Gamezy Ludo app:

  • Click on the download button and download Gamezy apk
  • Install the Gamezy App and register
  • Open the Gamezy Ludo app and start playing the game

Also, download Gamezy practice app to play ludo practice games for free for android. Start playing the free ludo games before moving to cash games.

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